Anti Covid-19 Tunnel is suitable for the disinfection of people in front of the entrance of shops, hospitals, factories, train stations, retirement and nursing homes, stadiums, shopping centers, schools, logistics centers and many other places.

An analysis of 22 studies that deal with the persistence of medically relevant coronaviruses (such as SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV) on surfaces shows that these viruses persist on surfaces made of metal, glass or plastic for up to nine days at room temperature can. In a very small study it was proven that polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in the sleeping and washing rooms of corona patients can detect high viral loads on textiles and the surfaces themselves.

The virus is passed on as follows:

• The virus gets into the nose and mouth by hand
• Every encounter can transmit the virus
• Corona viruses can survive on surfaces
• Whoever carries the viruses with them passes on with every touch
• On clothes, hands, hair, etc.

It has been shown that a person who has the virus in them and has them on their hands and clothes in a closed room such as in a company, factory, shopping center, restaurant etc. can transmit to 100 other people within 7 seconds, so-called chain reaction.


That’s why we developed Anti Covid-19 tunnels to prevent but at least slow down the transmission.

Here you can find the 3D simulation of Anti Covid-19 tunnel.

Individual design according to customer requirements

The Anti Covid-19 tunnel is recommended before entering the following places / buildings:

• Shops, shops and restaurants
• Shopping center
•Doctor’s office
•Stadium (soccer, hockey, basketball, gyms)
•Retirement and nursing homes
•Public administration
•train stations
•Much more…

Technical features:

Dimensions L x W x H          2200x1800x2400mm
Weight (without disinfectant) 225-230 kg
Disinfectant consumption  20 l / h at full use
Frequency  300-360 people per hour depending on the application
Tank capacity    200-400 liters
Energy performance 230V / 500Hz / 1.1kW max.
Materials    Rigid polyurethane foam with an environmentally friendly propellant
Foam density 40kg/m³
Insulation thickness 100mm
Spray nozzles 12 pieces
Temperature range -25 °C to + 60 °C
Collateral · Emergency stop button on the outside and inside
· Green lamp access

· Red lamp stop

· Can not be put into operation if none
  Disinfectant is present in the tank

· 4 step protection switch

· Overcurrent protection device

· No outside access

· Closed and insulated area of disinfection tank,
  Electrical distribution, engine

· Tray on the floor for liquid

* The dimensions and units mentioned above only apply to the defined size. We can adapt the dimensions to customer requirements.

We have already developed our prototype and it is with us. You are welcome to visit it on site.


Model: GLDAHD-1004
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 140cm
Weight: 27kg
5 liter standard disinfection tank
Suitable for liquid disinfectants (Not for gel disinfectants)
2kW consumption / 230V / AC connection
Optional : operation with battery
1.5ml per use
(with 5 liter canister Ø 3333 times are used)
Non-contact spraying of the sensor
Durable, high quality sensor and pump
Full body and spray arm AISI 304 stainless steel
Portable function with adjustable, high-quality plastic feet (ball joint leg)
Fluid trap tub
Seal mounted on the cover Device for protecting the disinfectant
Lockable canister lid

Since the lid has a sealing element, it is sufficient to only change the canister when filling.

It is definitely not recommended due to the liquid of ethyl alcohol and isopropanol when transferring the liquid in the canister to another container or dividing it into different quantities and consequently its disinfectability.



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